✓ Welding services

The projects conform to Welding Procedure Specification (WPS). We take into consideration working conditions, maximum load, stress resistance, functionality, accordance with technical standards or production processes and other features as required for particular use of a construction or component.

Types of welding job

  • Basic IS Gliwice (Welding Institute in Gliwice) license for MAG, GMAW (135) method.
  • Types of welds: FW – Fillet weld.
  • Welding positions:
    PA (1F) Flat position
    PB (2F) Horizontal vertical position
    PC (2G) Horizontal position
    PD (4F) Horizontal overhead position
    PE (4G) Overhead position
    PF (3G) Vertical up position
    PH (5F) Pipe position for welding upwards.
  • Light frames and sheet metal welding.
  • Welding repairs of parts for agricultural and construction equipment.
  • TIG, GTAW (141) welding of stainless steel.
  • Outdoor welding with MMA, SMAW (111) method.

Welding equipment

  • Multiprocess welding machine FRONIUS Transsteel.
  • Professional GPPH PLUS Welding table 1200x800mm for precision works.
  • Plasma cutting machine ESAB PowerCut (up to 10mm).


  • Mobile welding services at client’s premises.
  • Economical transport with a light trailer of a max. GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Capacity) 750kg.
  • Max. cargo dimensions 2,50 (3,00) x 1,30 m.