FAQ – Frequantly Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to complete a project?
It depends on construction, design complexity, materials and time spend on the project. It usually takes 1 to 6 weeks. Every order is different and delivery date is agreed individually.

2. What parcel service do you ship by?
We work with DPD or DHL. They operate their big logistics centers in Komorniki, close to us. The shipping cost starts from 16,00PLN (4,00€) for Poland and depends on size and weight of the parcel. For EU and international addresses different fees will apply. Write us and ask for delivery cost before placing an order. We will call a local DPD or DHL agent for an exact delivery cost estimation. You can also visit parcel’s services on the web: www.dpd.com.pl or www.dhl.com.pl.

3. Do you ship internationally?
Yes, within the EU. We deliver smaller products by parcel shipping services (DPD or DHL). Larger constructions are delivered by truck. A transport cost is agreed on individual basis.

4. What factors do affect the price of products?
The price of your project will basically be determined by steel prices that may vary even every month. The EU policy on custom duties, quotas or import limitations from Asia has a great impact on prices offered by EU steel mills. The next important price factors are welding and polishing which are very time consuming and require precision.

5. What welding machines do we have in our mini-workshop?
We are equipped with FRONIUS machines.

6. What welding methods do we use?
For stainless steel welding process we use TIG (GTAW) method – 141.
For mild steel MAG (GMAW) – 135.
We also stick weld in the open air.

7. What services do we provide for industrial clients?
We provide auxilary services for production. We prepare CAD drawings, technical documentation and manufacture individual machinery parts. Machines services and troubleshooting. Electrical, pneumatic repairs.