Coffee table.

This month I designed and made a coffee table. This beauty was shipped to a French customer and will be installed in a living room. Photos and description can be found at my portfolio gallery under tables button.

✓ Photos and videos made on the job.

You can access photos and videos made during my works at this project on YouTube channel Steelpoint.

My Coffee table. It weights around 170kg.

✓ Technical details.

Oak tree top and bottom joined with stainless steel tubes both add a modern and natural appearance to the construction.

  • Bottom shelf.
  • Material: 1.4301.
  • Elastomer feet.
  • Size: 1200x1200x430mm.
  • Top thickness 40mm.
  • Satinated steel surfaces.
  • TIG welding.
  • Weight 170 kg.

✓ What type of architecture does this table fit best?

The coffee table will fit fine to modern living room or TV lounge provided that other equipment is mostly in natural colors. Other fine places to put this table by is a reception hall in a hotel. It will create a great look along with green plants by side and beige tones of the floor tiles.

Example in a classic style. The coffe table in a private apartment.

Thank you for watching !